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Climb on it. Care for it. Blast it. Repair it.
With Care & Repair it is our goal to ensure that the lifespan of your holds & volumes is as long as possible.

Holds and volumes are objects of daily use that are exposed to great stress and sooner or later will suffer damage - this is completely normal, nevertheless, by careful handling you can increase the lifetime of grips & volumes enormously. CLEANING Wooden volumes can be cleaned well with a high-pressure cleaner. However, a minimum distance of 40 cm between the high pressure cleaner and the volume should be observed! If the volumes are brushed with a cleaning lye beforehand, the dirt can later be removed much faster and more gently with the high-pressure cleaner. After cleaning, the volumes should be placed on a grid or on pallets so that the water can drip off well and the wood of the volumes does not become saturated with water. STORAGE Volumes should not be stored just standing on a peak or edge - it is best to lay them flat. When storing, make sure that no other holds, volumes or other objects can scratch the volume coating. The rubber strips on the inside of our volumes allow them to be safely stacked inside each other for storage, or you can place pieces of carpet or other cushioning material between each volume. ASSEMBLY Volumes and holds should never be tightened with impact or impulse screwdrivers. Cordless screwdrivers with an adjustable maximum torque are gentle on volumes and their attachment points, as well as setters’ wrists.


If your holds & volumes are broken and lose their coating, they do not have to be thrown away. We repair your old holds & volumes or exchange them for new ones. HOW DOES IT WORK? Contact us by mail at, we will look individually what can be repaired and coated on the grips & volumes. Alternatively, you can exchange your old holds & volumes with us for new ones - here you will receive a discount on the new products in return for your old stuff.

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